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Take it back to the diner with these super-retro 50s Cat-eyed Costume Glasses by elope. Extra slanty black plastic frames with sparkly clear rhinestone accents and clear acrylic lenses complete this look that’s ready for the nearest sock hop or greased lightning drag race. Designed to fit bad news babes and Daddy-O darlings of all sizes, this vintage-inspired eyewear makes a great addition to your whimsical wardrobe or novelty dress-up collection. Get ready to fire up your hot rod and put on your poodle skirt when you don these 50s Rhinestone Glasses in black and clear.

Essential Costume and Gift Accessory for:

  • 50s Costumes
  • Pinup Fashion
  • Vintage/Retro Ensembles
  • Halloween Parties
  • Poodle Skirt/Soda Shop Parties
  • Costume Celebrations
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