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Art Nouveau - Ornate arabesque pattern, stamped on our synthetic leather.

Blooming Plums - A book box based on an Utagawa Hiroshige woodblock print properly titled "Plum Park in Kameido", dated 1857. This woodblock print belongs to a series titled "One Hundred Famous Views of Edo", published in the spring section.

Hokusai's Great Wave - Book box featuring Hokusai's Great Wave. Printed on a white leatherette which allows bold and graphic color, matching the original.

Klimt, The Kiss - By popular demand we have introduced Gustav Klimt's famous "The Kiss".

Life of a Geisha - This book box features two individual woodblock prints by Hashiguchi Goyo (1880-1921). On the cover we have the blue geisha, “Kamisuki (Woman Combing her Hair)”, and on the back cover, we have the red geisha ”Kessho no Onna (Woman Applying Makeup)”.

Map - This book box, “Map of the World” depicts an old style Atlas of the world, reminiscent of the time of sailors, pirates, and the Spice Trade. Very detailed and intricate, featuring embedded classical paintings of the era. A true scholar’s classic.

Picaso - Based on one of Picasso’s oil paintings, “Lady Sitting in Chair”, also known as “La rêve” or “The Dream”, (1932).

Rose - Rose Mandala, featuring an infinite organic geometrical pattern.

Shangri-La - A fictional place described in the 1933 novel Lost Horizon by British author James Hilton. This book features arabesque tapestry pattern with harmonious colors offset by the turquoise center fill.

Zodiac Atlas - "Old World" map depicting Zodiac celestial symbols and signs.

Dimensions: 8.25 X 5.75 X 2

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