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Orchard Farms Gentle Bar is perfect for those with sensitve skin due to allergies, eczema, psoriasis, or anyone that wants to baby their skin.

Wonderful bar for any very sensitive skin or scent allergies.

Each bar contain silk fabric dissolved for extra smoothness and skin toning properties. We add shea butter to keep your skin moisturized and also help with clarifying acne. This bar is lightly scented with this bar with lime and bergamot essential oils.

Orchard Farm soaps are never overpowered with synthetic fragrances.This is the soap I recommend for sensitive skin, babies, facial skin, and those who prefer a lightly scented silky soap.

Cold processed soaps are made with an all natural blend of coconut, sustainably grown palm, pure olive oil and fair trade shea butter. This base is formulated  to be an extremely moisturizing mild cleansing soap. They add our regionally grown essential oil for a wonderful aromatherapy experience.

To prolong the shelf life of our handmade soap keep it out of direct streams of water. Store in a cool dark cabinet until use.

To use, get naked, lather up and rinse.

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