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It’s okay. We know you were wearing black thick-framed glasses before they were cool. But it’ll be obvious you’re with The Band when you wear these black-framed Hipster Glasses by elope. Thick black molded plastic frames with a comfortable solid nosepiece and clear acrylic lenses complete this iconic style. Designed to fit blues brothers and closet hipsters of all sizes, this understated and not-at-all-ironic eyewear makes a great addition to your whimsical wardrobe or novelty dress-up collection. Solidify your clearly superior sense of style with these black and clear Blues Glasses.

Essential Costume and Gift Accessory for:

  • Hipster Costumes
  • Geek/Nerd Costumes
  • Blues Brothers Cosplay
  • Halloween Parties
  • Everyday Fashion Ensembles
  • Costume Celebrations
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